Features & Pricing

Features & Pricing

mobileRMS will connect your phone, tablet and web device with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System, POS 2009 and Headquarters.

Key features:

  • Look up customer and supplier information - Links to call, email and Google Maps
  • Create and edit work orders / quotes - Great for on the road sales reps
  • Add to and modify purchase orders - Order stock while walking around your store
  • Look up inventory information - See your stock and order costings in one place
  • Perform a physical inventory count - Stocktake on multiple devices
  • View in depth live sales history - Check your sales on the run


mobileRMS is a subscription service, the pricing is on a per year basis.


  • Single User Licence - 200 AUD per year
    • A Single Licence allows you to log in on any device but you are limited to using the app under one cashier.
  • Multi User Licence - 300 AUD per year
    • The Multi User Licence allows you to login as any cashier on any device.
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The Dashboard gives you a quick but full overview of your sales and costs, you can drill down into the sales data to see sales by department, category and cashier and tender, you can also enter custom sale dates to retrieve the data you are looking for. Sales data can then be compared to the same time last year.

  • Live sales data
  • Live purchase order data
  • Detailed sales data
  • Compare data
  • Graphical charts


In contacts you can look up customer and supplier information, you have a map option which will link to Google maps, you can even call or email directly from mobileRMS.

  • Look up customer and supplier information including last visit and total sales
  • Links to Google maps
  • Call or email directly from mobileRMS
  • View suppliers supplied items

Work Orders / Quotes

Create and edit work orders and quotes, mobileRMS will automatically adjust stock to commited. Great feature for creating sales on the road and recalling back at the office.

  • Create new work orders and quotes
  • Edit existing work orders and quotes
  • Stock quantity automatically updated
  • Quick Add mode for use with a barcode scanner


Have full control over your inventory, lookup and edit any items, perform a stock count and edit purchase orders

  • Item lookup - Search by lookup code, description and alias
  • Edit items
  • Create and edit physical inventory counts
  • Add to and edit purchase orders


Sent internal messages to your staff while youre out of the office.

  • Send messages to multiple staff at once
  • Inbox
  • Mark messages as read
  • View sent messages

* Features are dependant on your Dynamics Software. MainDashboardContactsInventoryItem DetailsContacts


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